January 27, 2011

Marginally Famous

It keeps snowing during my middle-of-the-week night shifts. What normally would be the busiest shifts have been the slowest. We're all mostly bored, quite frankly. The worst part is the 9am bang on the door the next day (after trudging home through the snow at 1am) to move my car for parking lot snow removal at my apartment complex. I like patterns, just not this weekly winter weather pattern. I like sleeping after my night shifts.


I have never been to the EAA fly in at Oshkosh. So, this year, I am finally going. A bunch of my friends are going to rent a house and we're going to nerd out, airplane style, the entire last weekend of July in Wisconsin. I have been designing some NAS CONFUSION T-shirts to wear when I am there. This way you can recognize me and ask me questions about my little corner of the national airspace system (ZBW Area A). I wore one of my test designs to work yesterday and got mostly compliments. A few confused looks (appropriate), a few "ooohhhh jeeeezzzz", a couple of snarky comments, but mostly good reviews. Most people are dreaming of Florida, or the Carribean, or Hawaii or something when they are brushing the snow off their car. I am thinking about an airport in the Midwest in July. Hmmmmmm. I have issues.

I think my next main post will be a more complete rundown of the ALB sector. Un-deconstructed, if you will, compared to the previous post.

Since I have nothing of note going on in my ATC life, other than airports closed due to snow plows on the runway, I thought I would turn it back to you.
Operationally permitting, of course, please send in your best (or worst) photos of winter operations, from the airplane/airport perspective. Sitting at the gate, airplane covered in snow? I'll take it! Climbing out through the tops of the overcast layer. Excellent! How about that 40 ft pile of snow on the edge of the ramp? Take a picture, claim that your bright pink C172 is buried under there. I might even post it here for all to see! You could become marginally famous!

It's time to embrace the winter wonderland. Email me pics (or videos even) to deltamike172@Hotmail.com .

Till next time...


PS. Pictures with captions such as "Kalamazoo in a White Out" may or may not be accepted.