March 22, 2009

So you want to be on the blog, eh!?

A man from Maine who used to be a controller in my area (now in Traffic Management) had begged me for months to include him in a post of mine. A few posts back, I mentioned him...finally. But, I wasn't patient enough, apparently. And neither was he. A strip printed out from every printer in the Center simultaneously this morning. It was typed blatantly wrong, and QQ (this Maine-iac's operating initials) was plastered all over it. How can I resist?

No wonder this Metering thing doesn't work. They think Newark is in Boston. As it turns out, this was meant for Newark. At the time of printing, we'd just sequenced 15 EWR arrivals over the SAX fix and we had none left. "It works!," they declared.

Till next time....


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