June 24, 2011

Thrown, for a loop....

I am not ignoring you. Don't worry.

I have a lot of things I could be blogging about since the last few weeks have been complete chaos due to the weather and higher volumes of traffic after Labor Day.

However, I can't bring myself to relive those stressful moments during my breaks or over my weekend. Its been that bad, especially on Thursdays.

Here is a flightaware.com sampling from this evening:



Planes were deviating around and/or staying high to top the thunderstorms in the middle of my sector at Rockdale and then when they finally could start down they were too high to meet their normal restrictions. Sometimes other planes got in the way...among other issues.....

It all seemed hellish, hectic, borderline out-of-control. And that feeling didn't go away for over three hours. In the end, though, what was left were some pretty little loops to admire and share with you. Sorry to the pilots and passengers... Storms happen.

Till next time...


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Frank Van Haste said...

Yeah, it's the busy season, ain't it? Fun flight last night, threading the needle between cells with super help from McGuire and Atlantic City approaches. ('Course, I'm down in the weeds at 6,000 MSL.)

Hang in there, Mike. Us drivers know and appreciate what you do for us.