March 13, 2008

Delays, get over it.

I promised this blog was going to start deviating drastically, so I'll keep this one short. Its just a thought.

Everyone always rants and raves about how horrible the delays are. Or they're on TV, claiming to have invented a wheel of a different shape, which apparently will rid the world of pesky delays. Instead of taking more time to set the record straight, ponder this: If we were able to mystically eliminate delays in the aviation industry....I'm pretty sure we'd be the ONLY form of transportation that wouldn't have any delays.

Next time you're patiently waiting your turn at a traffic light watching the cars cross in front of you, or you're the pedestrian also waiting for the light to change, so you can sit on the bench to wait for the bus to arrive, or next time it snows and the train runs late, or there is a gale force wind making a quick trip across the bay less than desirable at that moment, just slough it off. Get over it. For some reason, we think that aviation, and the airlines in particular, can somehow be void of common nature. To run late. If anything, the reason its such a big deal in aviation is because the airlines aren't always forthcoming as to why. Since "ATC delays" are the main "cause" of delays, we seem to think we can simply do something, anything to the ATC and make the delay go away. Bzzzzzzzzz.


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