March 12, 2008

More Confusion?

I have decided to turn this blog in a different direction.

While past blog posts have focused on a more technical aspect of ATC, the future of this lowly blog will be centered around a more informal, day-to-day narrative. The most recent post, "The Mid Flick", is an example how I hope to change the writing style. Don't expect too much, because I am never afraid to let things get a little out of hand!

The idea behind this change is simple: If I take specific snapshots of traffic situations during the upcoming summer traffic season, the journey though the land of ATC can be both more interesting and more informative for all of us.


1 comment:

Tim Perkins said...

DeltaMike: Just happened upon your blog this evening and am excited to find it. You obviously articulate the nuances of your profession well. I'm just a lowly aviation photographer who sits around and admires the work of the ATC professionals and the pilots and mechanics who have way more expertise than I.

I love NH. Been there three or four times, all in the fall to see the magnificent explosion of color. It's worth a trip from Texas to see.

I look forward to further blog entries, sir.

Tim Perkins
Rockwall, TX