July 24, 2009

A few links

Well, after stressing out over the Thursday night that lay before me, I ended up training at Albany D-side the whole night. This allowed me to ponder my soon-to-be-blogged next post about the progression of craziness we go through on a summer nightly basis.

I felt that I cheated the devil by not having to talk to airplanes on Thursday...

Then Friday happened. I will simply post some links to the always fabulous Flightaware.com so that you may feel fortunate you were not among the flying public that night. If you were flying that night...well, sorry.

The following flights were all supposed to land at NY's LaGuardia airport (LGA) sometime during the evening....

TCF7588 (this one is good)
PDT4611(This one made it!)

Till next time...



Frank Van Haste said...


Interesting! I'm glad I was a bit earlier than those. I got around the back of the entertaining stuff before it dynamited the NYC area. Here's the track.


Anonymous said...

Just think-

With 18 billion dollars poured into NEXT-GEN- all those tracks will look like...will look like..

Well, they will look exactly the same.

Too many arrivals scheduled for the same time, and so everyone will dance the dance in holding patterns...

Wayne Conrad said...

Anonymouse, Well put.

Look at those holds. Look at that weather. Nobody was having a good time that night.