July 16, 2009

What's worse?

So, it's my Monday. I just made the mistake of going to the NWS website and looking at the map above. A warm front came through, bringing us a little hot air to mix with that cold front right behind it. Note the yellow circle of hell that says "Severe T'storms Possible". The northern 5/8ths of that circle is Area A. I then check the radar and the storms are already starting to build over SYR. Fantastic. There is still time to call in sick, but, I won't.

I just don't know what is worse:
1 - Working traffic on a night like this.
2 - Getting myself all worked up, sitting in my chair at home, knowing what is coming.

Oh well, maybe they'll reroute planes away from that yellow area....HA! RIGHT!!!!

Till next time...



Anonymous said...

Getting worked up is defiantly worse. Its just one of those challenging nights.

Kevin said...

Having thunderstorms in your area is a good thing. Traffic can't get through your sector and is rerouted around? Oh well.

Save your sick leave for when you've got storms in sectors adjacent to yours. ;)