August 16, 2009

The Point.

If there was ever a perfect argument for a reality based National Airspace System, please visit the newest link on the right hand side, WWVB. His 6 part NextGen ATC and ATC Delays Series is second to none. You may have to scroll down and click SERIES. It's worth the effort. EDIT: If you just click on COMMENTS down under my initials, you'll find the direct links, Thanks!

I have had past discussions with other controllers and pilots featuring spur questions such as "Why on earth did Us Airways leave PIT?" or "Why would someone flying from Chattanooga to Buffalo want to connect in Newark?" or "Grand Island, Nebraska is neither Grand, nor and Island....Discuss!!!"

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vannevar said...

This is a link to the NextGen series.

This is a link to the airport-airline Delays series.

Frank Van Haste said...


"Grand Island, Nebraska is neither Grand, nor and Island...."

But it is a nice spot with a first-rate, helpful FBO. Convenient gas/lunch stop for a long east/west trip. Recommended!

(And I concur with your assessment of WWVB...solid thinking.)